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We believe that the importance of talking about mental health cannot be stressed enough.

MentNest by Purva Singh is an online counselling service at affordable cost. While building a nest, a bird has to make a lot of decisions. The nest needs to be strong and yet comfortable. It takes time to build the nest and a lot of work too. The bird will constantly go back and forth to switch out old material and replacing it with better one. Human mind is similar to this nest. We have to make a lot of decisions in our lives. Our mind needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of all experiences and yet soft enough to rejoice life. There is a constant need to renew our minds by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Our Services

A lot of issues- big or small can overwhelm us and take a toll on our mental health. It is important to acknowledge and address these issues. Below are the services provided by MentNest.

Individual Counselling

In Individual counselling, you'll get One-on-one counselling in a safe, caring and confidential environment for all your issues.

Relationship Counselling

Work towards relationship problems, communication gap and gain new perspective about you amd your partner.

Anxiety, stress related issues

We'll help you to understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and work towards managing them for a better quality of life.

Adolescent Counselling

In adolescent counselling, you'll get a safe and confidential space to talk about your problems and to vent out your feelings.

Grief Counselling

Talk and learn to move forward with the grief, to manage your thoughts and emotions, and know about the grieving process.

Know the founder

Purva Singh

Purva Singh, the founder of MentNest believes that the importance of talking about mental health cannot be stressed enough. Opening up about your feelings, emotions, thoughts will give you a chance to truly reflect and know yourself. Thus came the decision to put her heart and soul in helping and guiding people.

Purva is passionate about the field of psychology, counselling and has strong work ethics. Determination, empathy and kindness are her key strengths.

She has completed masters in counselling psychology and diploma in guidance and counselling. She has also pursued reality therapy course(basic level) from William Glasser Institute.

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